COntent WRITer

New book release August 2017 - title: UNKNOWN.

UNKNOWN starts with the concept of self-love.

It's a delightful mindfulness picture book that reflects on going deeper and discovering your true nature. 

Growing up in New York, Stephen found himself in a constant struggle to fit in. He decided to leave for school and go to Arizona State, where he graduated, moved to Los Angeles, and married his wife.

There are many stories of him performing courageous acts of love, including the one where he jumped in front of a moving car at the speed of 40mph, to save his mini dachshund, Polka Dot.

Then came the time when he received a call from his mother at 6am on a Thursday morning, telling him that his father had suddenly passed away from a heart attack. He decided to move back for a short while, and spend time with his family.

During that period, his reflection on gratitude for the lessons his father gave him struck a chord of listened intuition about the importance of living in the present moment.

After the shock wore him down enough to finally surrender, the next step was to go on to pursue the creation of UNKNOWN and describe his interpretation of awakening in a new life.

Without the help from a great friend, Chris Schneekluth in his skills of design, and his cousin, Michaela Wawryk for her gorgeous illustrations, this gift to you would not be possible. 

When you are feeling at all discouraged, we hope UNKNOWN brings you the encouragement to shine in your beauty, live in the now, and be more confident - then bring that difference into this world.

EVENT Planning


University of Southern California Net Opportunity Career Expo - June 2017

LeadersUp Chicago Career 360: The Experience - May 2017

100,000 Opportunities Initiative’s Hiring Fair - Oct 2016

Invest in Youth: Pathways to Success Career Summit - July 2016

Los Angeles Southwest College Annual Job Fair - May 2016


The City of Long Beach: Employer Engagement Roundtable - April 2016

Widening the Circle of Opportunity: Business Leader Convening - Sept 2016

San Francisco Inaugural Employer Convening - June 2016

project management & MARketing

Working directly with the Corporate and Strategic Partnership Manager, and CEO, I perform a variety of duties and responsibilities including project management, marketing research, and event planning. 

My role has evolved from building out the entire customer lifecycle, from research on Human Resources and high growth sector development, to SWOT and competitive analyses - all the way to managing 5 hiring events, 3 strategic partnership roundtables, and over 4 pilot partner programs.

In addition, I create the marketing and communications collateral, think of new strategies on how to effectively achieve our 3 market's initiatives, and research and build out new partnership presentations.

Our team in less than 1 year, has connected over 100+ employers with over 1,700+ young adults into matched skill-set career pathways. I'm proud to be part of an organization where we create so much impact, and improve the lives of the audiences that we serve.